Lunch & Learn

February 7, 2014 – IUP Writing Center

“Writing with Podcasts”

Why podcast?

Podcasts are a fun and unique way for students to perform many of the analytic and argumentative tasks we often ask of them in formal writing. Podcasts (audio podcasts, in particular) can be produced quickly, and they don’t require expensive equipment. In fact, using open source software like Audactiy, you can create high quality podcasts with materials you have laying around the house.

Look below to learn more!

Adam’s “Guild Podcast Project”

Workshop Podcast

If your browser does not support this audio format, download it here.

The podcast audio is a little spotty, and for that I apologize. It’s tough normalizing audio in a new environment. One should always record sample audio whenever recording in a new location. Let my failures be a lesson!

(some) Resources:

I will also be uploading the audio vesion of the Lunch & Learn workshop shortly. Check back soon!

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