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I will post more about Remediation: Understanding New Media once I upload all of my reading notes, but I wanted to get one idea out there for others to consider. In the introduction, Jay Bolter and Richard Grusin point out that how we consume media dictates our interpretation. I have long wondered if my understanding of some literature and critical work has been “guided” by the medium I used to read. I tend to read a lot on my computer, but how might my interpretation be influenced by being able to click links or search for keywords? I suppose it has made my reading focused to a certain extent. If I come to a text looking for specific information, and that text happens to be digital, I may streamline the process by hitting Command + F to type in exactly what I’m looking for. Bolter and Grusin go into a great deal more in their book, but I thought I would start by asking the most basic of questions: how do you read? Is it situational? Do you approach digital texts differently when it’s for pleasure as opposed to research?