Writing Machines

Clearly, the title of this post is borrowed from Katherine Hayles, but I really wanted to comment on the outdated notion of writing-dedicated devices.

I would actually like to find a study that breaks down usage on modern gadgets. Between text messaging, posting to Twitter & Facebook, blogging, etc., I’m willing to bet a great deal of our time spent on these devices is still eaten up by writing. Typewriters and word processors may be defunct, and writing duties have been enveloped by computers and mobile devices, but I wonder how these multi-task, multi-use machines have changed the way we approach writing.

I’ll return to this idea shortly. I’m going to pull on some strings to see where they lead.

Footnote Test Post

This is just a test post. I wanted to try out the “commenting” tool. It’s really just an inline footnote plugin, but I think it will serve our purposes nicely. I am going to install an inline editing tool which, if you have editing privileges will let you add your own footnotes so that you can comment on specific sentences or referenced material.

This is some more random text. I’m going to keep rambling on and on until the post gets a little longer. I want to see how the Side Matter plugin pushes other sidebar widgets. I may need to empty the widgets so there are minimal conflicts. Perhaps I’ll add a widget area in the top margin.

Why did the screen go all grey when I switched to Inline Edit mode? I don’t think I like this. I’ll have to edit the css.

This is just another test.

Again, this is just some more text. Please don’t take anything I write here to heart. It is merely the ramblings of a tired person.

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