Multimedia and Multmodal

As you already know, I’m a advocate for multimodal learning. The wonderful thing about computers is that they are not tied to any specific medium. They are spaces for us to read and write, as well as consumer audio/visual content. The versatility of these machines enables us to implement them in the classroom in any number of ways. I am particularly fascinated with how computers have changed the meaning of “writing.” There is the traditional composition, of course. But what does writing mean today? All of our gadgets allow us to write. We can text message and post to Twitter on our phones. We can embed images and videos in our blogs (and even in Word). We can hyperlink to tangential resources and material, something that used to be the job of footnotes and works cited pages. We can even interact with one another while we write. One of the most revelatory moments in my classes was the first time students reacted to seeing edits made in real time on a Google Doc. This is probably the most open-ended question I’ve posed, but I am curious to flesh out what writing means today.

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