Digital Literacy: Educators as Engineers?

I’m interested in the idea of “digital literacy,” but from the standpoint of educators. I’d like to extend “literacy” from a general understanding of technology and software (use cases/knowing when to implement wikis, podcasts, digital texts, etc. in the classroom) to a basic competency in designing websites and even engineering rudimentary software. (This is a little extreme, I know.) I think it’s extraordinarily empowering as an instructor to craft your courses’ tools to best fit your goals and outcomes. With more and more pressure from administrations to use subscription-based learning software, it behooves us to be more acquainted with how learning software is constructed and to even be able to either use open-source tools (Moodle, WordPress, MediaWiki, and other open and well-documented software), as well as being able to construct our own, which can be achieved simply by understanding basic HTML and maybe even a little JavaScript and/or PHP.

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